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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with The Food Business Coach?

This really depends on what you are hoping to achieve, and the scope of any projects. Please get in touch above, to discuss further.

Are we locked in to any contract?

The Food Business Coach prefers to keep arrangements flexible, so that both parties have the opportunity to decide when is a suitable time to engage and when makes sense to part. If there is a specific project or outcome, it would make sense to see that through, but it should always feel natural and worthwhile, rather than feeling forced and tied-in.

What’s it like working with The Food Business Coach?

Donnie Maclean is open, charismatic and personable. He thoroughly enjoys meeting new people and working closely with them to understand both them and their business. Sometimes, Donnie may come out with creative suggestions which may appear to be a bit unusual at first, but result in excellent outcomes. He loves to find elegant, effective solutions to all sorts of business problems.

I’m not based in Scotland, can I still work with The Food Business Coach?

Donnie Maclean lives right on the beach in the East of Scotland, but is happy to travel to meet clients across the UK. In the crazy pandemic world, we’ve all got used to Zoom meetings. Initially, these make sense, but there’s no better way to understand a business than meeting the key people face-to-face and seeing the operations in action.