The Food Business Coach

Specialist in the Food Service sector

With nearly 25 years in business, many awards for his products, innovations, pitching and his entrepreneurship; and board positions within industry and advisory roles to cabinet-level government, Donnie Maclean is an experienced, intelligent and creative advisor to individuals, businesses and organisations in the food and drink industry, particularly the food service sector.

How can The Food Business Coach help?

Food Service

Perhaps your products are only currently selling through retail outlets? You would like to establish how to get into Food Service (e.g. restaurants, family venues, schools, universities, corporate, military, public sector). Work with The Food Business Coach to create a clear strategy for how you would approach any or some of these markets.

Food Business

The Food Business Coach loves working closely with a senior management team and executive boards to find worthwhile, powerful solutions which generate excellent results, helping the team to take their business to the next level.

That could be improving workforce effectiveness, manufacturing processes, sales processes and data, inventory managementor financial management.


The Food Business Coach is really passionate about helping others to progress their business from idea to reality; or from small business to great business. In the near future, he will be releasing courses to help with understanding the Food Service market better, and generate brilliant, tangible results – sales!

Performance Coaching

Food and drink business owners or senior management work closely with The Food Business Coach to gain confidence, shift a negative mindset, improve business and personal performance and get excellent results for your food or drink business.

It is also possible to work as a small group, in order to improve results. Just contact him to discuss what you would like to do.

Sales Performance

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. If your sales have been struggling for a while and you’ve run out of ideas, bring in The Food Business Coach to go through all aspects of the sales process.

Together with your sales team (or individual) and the senior management, you will end up with the right sales strategy, with the right processes and the best performance – increased sales!

Food Business

Whether it’s a lender being worried about the business, new owners wanting to rejuvenate it or a challenging current environment, businesses get stuck in a rut sometimes. The Food Business Coach will identify key issues and help to get the business on the right path and make it profitable again.

Please contact him to discuss the current situation, so that you can get solutions ASAP.

Why work with the Food Business Coach?

If one of the above categories is relevant to you or your business, please get in touch.
If you would like to find out more, please see below, and the about us section.

#1. Experience from actually doing

With almost 25 years in business, The Food Business Coach has amassed a huge amount of business knowledge and skill. Unlike many “consultants” who have only ever been consultants, Donnie Maclean, continues to be run his own successful food business, while helping others to improve their business’s performance.

Also, let’s be honest, you learn much more from the mistakes and failures, than you do from the successes. The Food Business Coach has made many of those mistakes and learned from them, so that you don’t have to make them yourself.

#2. Focused on results which actually work

There’s a well-known phrase… “A consultant will borrow your own watch to tell you the time.” This means that they will charge you for solutions which you often feel that you could have generated yourself. This would be, rightfully, frustrating for the client. The Food Business Coach is different. Upfront, he will systematically go through what you have already tried, and then find alternative, practical solutions and work with you to make the necessary changes and improvements.

#3. A very useful network

Having been in business for almost 25 years, and having held many varied roles within the food and drink industry, The Food Business Coach has amassed an excellent network of contacts. By utilising that network, solutions can become even more powerful and effective. Get in touch with him now to discuss what you want to achieve for your business and your team.


From the first meeting, Donnie was genuinely interested and supportive of our business and sharing his industry knowledge. As a Start Up business, certain things can feel unsure, thus, it is really good to have someone on your side that has walked your path before and can give feedback, point out risks and map out new ideas as well as solutions. I can highly recommend Donnie as a coach.

Founder, Free-from bakery business

Donnie has been fantastic. He didn’t immediately apply his own knowledge and understanding, instead he listened. He asked questions. He requested data then he offered guidance and suggestions, which has been invaluable, as he took time to listen and ask the right questions. Most importantly, he has shown a genuine interest and concern for us as people as well as our business and what we’re trying to achieve. He is an expert in his field but more importantly to us, he is a genuinely decent person who is incredibly well positioned to help you get from you currently are, to where you need to be!

We are grateful for his time, his efforts to understand our business and needs, the positive outcomes this has resulted in, his ongoing and invaluable support and his friendship.

Founder, Natural energy drink business